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Joye Lynn T.

“When I was homeschooling my children one Bible verse, in particular, became my theme verse. Donna painted a lovely picture of a little red schoolhouse and that scripture for me. I love it!”

Lisa F, Fort Worth, TX

Dog Training

Donna trained for a short period of time, unfortunately she had a family issue and was unable to continue to train him.  In a short period of time, she worked on him to not jump and to stay when someone rings the bell.  She is a good trainer and Denali really liked her.

Patricia B, Fort Worth, TX

My husband and I hired Donna Conner for Obedience Dog Training for our doggie Zion, who is a Belgian Malinois. We signed up for the ten-week session. When she arrived at our home, I was immediately impressed by how obvious it was that she loved dogs. She treated our dog much like my husband does, with a lot of love. Another thing I observed in Donna was that she set healthy boundaries with Zion right away.

She came every week and taught Zion many tricks and explained and modeled how to interact with her, to get her to do what she was asking. She exuded patience, confidence, and consistency; and Zion respected and listened to Donna. (We could tell Zion enjoyed listening to Donna, as she is a working dog, and Donna clearly knew what she was doing).

She modeled how to teach Zion something, and then it was our turn.  She was great at communicating to us what we were doing well, and what mistakes we needed to work on.

Every week, she gave us a printout at the end of each session, so that we could review everything she had taught Zion and us. This is a great tool for remembering and practicing.  She also told us if we had any questions to please call her.

This obedience training not only benefited Zion but also my husband and me. It was great! And we were sad when it was over.

Donna has experience working with all kinds of dogs, and we highly recommend her for obedience training!

C.C. & Donny J, Fort Worth, Texas

Homeschooling Only One

This book fits an often overlooked niche in the homeschooling world.

Mary Hood, Author and Speaker

The Relaxed Homeschooler Rides Again, https://www.amazon.com/Relaxed-Homeschooler-Rides-Again/dp/1094828548

“I have known Donna Conner as a good friend for five years and can personally testify that she is a creative, instructive, and successful home school educator of her son Mike. In this book Donna shares with us some of the unique challenges and advantages experienced by families homeschooling only one child.

“As a fellow  home educator of only one child, I found this book to be a rich source of encouragement and creative suggestions for succeeding at this unique endeavor.

“Donna is at all times is honest, personable, and down to earth.  After reading her topics on this topic
you will feel as if you’ve had a good long visit with an old friend over a cup of tea. Enjoy!”

Linda W, Fort Worth, Texas