Prices vary, depending on how detailed it is, its size (e.g. 4″x6″, 8″x10″, 20″x16″) and whether a frame will be provided or not.

One appointment will be needed to discuss specifics needed for your painting, with a phone call following to give you the price.

I can meet you to receive half of the final price before I start painting, with the other half payable at delivery.

Paintings take an average of a week to complete (longer on larger projects), depending on the size, medium used, and detail needed. Many can be completed within two to four days, depending on other projects. Your painting along with others, plus any murals currently being worked on will all be created concurrently. This means that your painting might not have any “start to finish” dedicated time. You will be kept up-to-date on the painting’s progress, if it takes longer than a week.

See below for examples…

Donna Conner


Painting one of the “Ornaments” in my booth at ArtsGoggle in Fort Worth, Texas.


Please Take Note:

I have other acrylic samples if needed. Looking at my acrylic paintings as well as my murals will also give you an idea of my style. I can do any of my styles in whatever medium you wish.



Little Red Schoolhouse w/Verse

watercolor 5×7

I have a friend who requested a watercolor that had a special verse on it which had specific meaning for her.

I painted the schoolhouse on a separate piece of watercolor paper & cut it out. After painting the background, I attached the schoolhouse to the background by using a scrap piece of paper accordion-folded to lift the house off the paper, making a slight shadow around it and giving it a more 3-D look. I did the calligraphy for her verse.


personal collection ~ NFS
watercolor, 5×7

This lighthouse was inspired by a photo in a magazine. It is my interpretation of a stormy sky and a gentle surf.

Carribbean Sea

personal collection, NSF
watercolor, 9×12

This sunset scene was painted from a photo after the trip. My husband and I went on a cruise in 2020 and I did this painting from one of the photos after the trip.

Created Coat of Arms

watercolor, 9×12

This watercolor is of a Coat of Arms I created for an Elder at our former church. I was commissioned by another church member and given a free hand.

I collected information about the man, if I didn’t know myself. I contacted his wife to get some specific material, without telling her for what reason I needed the information. I did some research on both the colors and elements of the Arms.

I chose the type of mantle, wreath, helmet, and the antlers to the helmet. The items on each ordinaire (both sides of the shield itself) had personal meaning for the man. His wife provided a motto he had coined for himself and family. I placed it in the scroll below the shield. I also had the motto translated into Latin in the scroll below the shield. Every element had a meaning and that information was placed on the back of the painting so the family would be able to interpret this family heirloom as they pass it down in the future.

please take note:

I have other watercolor samples if needed. Looking at my acrylic paintings (below) as well as my murals (Murals page) will also give you an idea of my style. I can do any of my styles in whatever medium you wish.




Mixed Media
acrylics & molding paste, 20×16

 I wanted to experiment with molding paste and acrylics. I came up with a landscape from my imagination, yet inspired by mountains I have seen. The flat plain is just that, the mountains have 3 different depths of paste. I will be doing more of this in the future–and always open for a commission.


Twillight in the Swamp

acrylics, 2016

I wanted to try a technique of painting the background first in a mirror-type image (colors “reflected” below). Then I added the land mass and the plant material–the willow & the bald cypress have individual leaves, and the cat tails (& other undergrowth) are given specific attention. When I was done, it seemed like it was missing something, hence the added alligator with its glowing eye shine. That was what it needed!

Family Tree

acrylics, 11×14

This was actually a gift for a friend. I decided to have a “tree planted beside the water” (Psalms) for their family tree. I had 3-D accents of fireflies so they are placed in the tree and below each one, I used calligraphy for their children’s names & birth-dates. The tree has a heart “carved” into it with my friend & her husband’s initials, with their wedding date in the heart with the initials. For whimsy, I glued a firefly in a jar at the base of the tree.

For these types of paintings, I use different kinds of trees and different environments of my own choosing, but I welcome you to request your own preferences if you have them.

Sunset in Paradise

mixed media
acrylics, molding paste, & glitter 9×12

 I love the sea and especially the surf. I have a red sunset (with the sun not in frame), a sailing ship on the horizon and another volcanic island on the horizon. The molding paste I used in the surf and I used a subdued glitter in the sand.


Personal Collection – NFS

I found a photo of a mouse in a drawer and felt compelled to paint the mouse. I used a flat background. In my studio, I hang it with the nose down — this kind of painting can be hung in various positions as the client would like. I had no commission, etc., and as I painted him (so many layers of paint in his fur with so many tiny strokes) I grew so attached to him. I decided I could not part with him at any price.

Miniature – South Sea Island

acrylics, 3×2½
$12 for in stock, $15 for custom

I found some cute little wooden ornaments, all plain except for the carving at the top of the ornament and at the bottom. Blank canvases in other words! I have painted fields of flowers, animals, islands, mountains, and more on these. I have plenty left waiting to be painted upon. Comes sitting on cotton, in a nice little box. They can be used as ornaments on a tree (for whatever holiday) or can be grouped on a wall with other paintings of different sizes. Your imagination is limitless on what you want painted and/or where you’d like to display it!