Mixed Media

Mixed Media can be as simple as using a special modeling paste in an acrylic painting to give texture and 3-dimensional aspect to a typically flat work of art. I have a few paintings like that, but have chosen to have them listed on my Painting page, under Acrylics. Mixed Media usually means that there is more than one material or medium contributing towards the completion of the artwork. Technically the following would not be considered “mixed media” but they don’t fit very well with my other categories, so I’m lumping them all together!

Cost will depend on size, media used, amount of detail, so on our first appointment (or email exchange) I will be asking what your vision is. I will get a plan together and then I can give you a rough estimate before proceeding.

Stained Glass Paint

studio door window

This is my Studio’s door window. I needed some privacy and yet something pretty and that would bring light into studio at the same time.This is a daytime shot from inside the darkened studio looking out towards our driveway. I really enjoy working with Gallery Glass

My Lucia

Drawing from photo

My last dog (before Cricket) was Lucia (Lou-chee-uh), an Australian Kelpie mix. To the right, is the drawing I did with the photo below it.

We got Lucia the end of November of 2003, using her estimated age of 8 months, she was most likely born in April.

She developed cancer late in 2015 and put down due to it, February of 2016, missing her 15th year birthday. I always said I was holding her back as she was so smart and willing. Best dog I’ve ever had.

Dog Tote Bag

material & thread

This was a gift for a friend. I found photographs of dachshunds (which she loves) and figured out a design and then created a stencil of a kind. I chose different calico-type prints, added a lace accent, and created what you see in the above two photos.





At the Movies @ LifeChurch FTW

various art projects over the years

We were members of Life.Church, Fort Worth Campus from 2005 to 2019. They have an event called At the Movies every year (the month of June). They dress up the church (esp. the foyer, but also the hallways & into the Children’s Area). I was able to work on quite a few over the years and the 5 photos (to the right and below) show a few years’ efforts.

Tarzan movie backdrop (top, below).

batman city scene backdrop (Under Tarzan)

I designed, painted, & supervised the painting of both.

Transformer Movie designs

The Fish from
      the cat in the Hat
Life.church At the movies

This was set up in the Children’s Area. The black line showing the water line is actually on the wall with the water. The fish is attached to the coral reef, standing independently (a wooden cut-out). It was set up as a photo opportunity where people could stand behind the fish & coral reef, but in front of the water & outline–making it appear that they were inside the fish bowl.

I much prefer to not copy another artist’s work and create something special and unique for my clients.

Take Note:

I have used calligraphy and some gold ink to illuminate Proverbs 31 (The Virtuous Woman).
I’ve also refreshed (with acrylics) an antique ceramic bride & groom cake-topper which a husband wanted to gift his wife for a 25th (or higher) wedding anniversary. So I’m quite capable of creating or refurbishing a nick-knack or some other little something for a gift.