Desiderata Studio

Donna Conner


My gallery of artwork is here as well as information on commissioning artwork.

Dog Training

Your location, one-on-one lessons, and cost, all here! Basic obedience for an untrained dog; refresher course for an older dog—good manners for all dogs!

Homeschooling Only One

Find resources online with links, find out the methods, and information about my book.

About The Site

My site has three primary purposes.

I have been an artist all my life with a God-given talent, although I have taken classes throughout my life and was an Art major/English minor in the two years of college I had. Acrylics and watercolor are the two primary media in which I work. I have had commissions and made gifts in both media, in several sizes. Click on Artwork to view what I’ve done. There are also details as to how to hire me.

I taught dog obedience since 2006 in group and one-on-one classes. Currently I am offering classes in private
at your location (your choice). You may take as many classes as you want or need. Click on Dog Training to get all the details.

I homeschooled our son for 13 years (from the beginning through his high school graduation (1995-2008). That was when home education with an only child seemed to be counter-intuitive. In our 8th year I wrote a book and published it the next year. I have done a lot of research on homeschooling methods and collected links that would be helpful for both the greater homeschool community, but also specifically for those who homeschool one student. Click on Homeschooling to explore my book, the resources I’ve found, as well as a generous amount of links.

Enjoy my little corner of the internet and if I can be of any service, please contact me.