Donna Conner has been an artist all her life.

The family story is that at 3 years of age she asked her mother to draw her a “horsie.” When presented with her mother’s work…she laughed, because even at that age she knew she could draw a better horse than her mom. (The last thing her mom ever drew for her! And rightly so, with a kid laughing at her!)

Donna was always drawn in by art and by the English language. In high school those were her best subjects and although she did not graduate college, her major was Art with a minor in English. In addition to her college years, she has had several independent classes and a retreat to explore her art further.

She paints in acrylics, watercolor, and has done some Mixed Media work. All primarily two- dimensional work. 

Artist Statement

I work with acrylics and watercolors and the sizes of my work range from very small to wall-size murals. My specialties are animals and landscapes, with an impressionistic realism touched with a bit of whimsy at times. Nature provides so many instances of variety that I enjoy using it as a springboard to my artwork.